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See Clara’s Amazing 3-week journey:

Week 1:

I was so excited to get the product that I opened it immediately.Great amount and comfortable feeling even if it’s oil formulated. I felt it is gradually working on the 3rdday.

Week 2:

Been taking my belly fat now for about 5 inches! Love the smell and the skin is unbelievably soft until the next wash.

Week 3:

100% effective! My belly flattens thanks to this. These were also gracious enough to rub in my legs and foot that were tremendously swollen due to cellulitis.


has anti-inflammatory properties & helps improve blood flow. Used it for only 2 weeks yet it literally improves and flattens my big tummy!” – Sara C.

“Thank you again for this wonderful oil.It actually decreases my fats and very helpful for my dry skin. I had ordered a large bottle for myself and recommended it to a girlfriend of mine she was given a bottle it reduces swelling.” Beverly M.

I bought this product upon the recommendation of my sister who gave it a glowing review. Wonderful product indeed! In just a week i’ve seen some changes while only limiting my meals and not exercising.” – Patty P.

“I was really reluctant to try this. but I figured. “Hey! What have I got to lose except maybe a little belly fat”! Surprisingly enough I tried it and I honestly did lose some of my stubborn belly fat!Works best with a massager. You need to massage it into area you are working on. I have lost 5inches off of my belly in 2 1/2 weeks!” – Guliana L.

What makes CurvyBeauty so effective & special:

    NaturalGinger Essentialtargets andbreaks downstubborn fat. specifically effective on the layeraround your waist.The non-provocative extractshelps stimulating blood flow and quicker metabolism gradually while keeping skin firm and tight as your waist size reduces.It’s all the rage inhealth & beauty circles. much in part because of a 2010 study stating. applying non-prescription ginger essential significantlyencouraged metabolic activities and boosted ketosis by 65% (the statewhich your body starts to break down and burn fat).Dr.Cindy said this is whythisoil is so effective. It was one of the few products on the market that had Natural Ginger Essential in the right consistency and dosage. In many cases.Quick & Visible Effects can be seen in as little as just 3 weeks.helpingone slimming and sculpting. shaping the perfect curvetheydeserve! While exercise & dieting offer great improvementon overall fitness. the use of this productcanamplify & and help achieving specifically targeted results tremendously whilemaintainingbody firmness.


    Skin Compatibility: Skin Type: All Skin Type
    Content: 10 ml


    1 PC x CurvyBeauty Firming Ginger Oil

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    CurvyBeauty Firming Ginger Oil