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Pliers Electrician Tools Crimping Kit
  • Crimping pliers tools are an important accessory in our electrical work. and it is a handy tool for your crimping!
  • Thanks to its practical and lightweight design. you get a comfortable grip and save more effort.


  • Ratchet Design: With its ratchet design. the crimping kit offers high crimping forces with low gripping force. lever power boost. allowing fatigue-free operation. especially during repeated use.
  • High-Quality Materials: Made with high quality jaws and ABS handle. the hand crimping tool is more lightweight and comfortable. Special material. stronger hardness.
  • 0.25-10mm crimp range: Suitable for 0.25-10mm insulated and non-insulated terminal ends. Depending on the cable size. you can adjust the pressure ratchet wrench according to the crimp.
  • High Precision Crimping: The crimping pressure is precisely calibrated at the factory. always maintaining the quality of the high pressure connection and precise pressure line.
  • Self-adjusting crimping tool: This crimping tool can automatically adjust to the correct diameter for crimping. The ratchet mechanism automatically relaxes as soon as the force required for safe pressure has been reached. easy to operate.
  • Easy & Convenient: Great for connecting wires without soldering. just push the stripped conductors into the connector and screw them on.


  • Material: nylon and copper alloy.
  • Crimp range (mm): 0.25 ~ 10 mm.
  • AWG: 23 – 10.
  • Total length: 175 mm.
  • Scope of application: wire end caps


    • 1 * Wire stripper


    • 800 PCs * Crimping Connectors


    • 1200 PCs * Crimping Connectors


    • 800 PCs * Crimping Connectors + 1 * Wire stripper


    • 1200 PCs * Crimping Connectors + 1 * Wire stripper

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    1 * Wire stripper, 1200 * Crimping Connectors, 1200 * Crimping Connectors + 1 * Wire stripper, 800 * Crimping Connectors, 800 * Crimping Connectors + 1 * Wire stripper


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    Crimping Pliers Tool Kit