Comfy Silicone Slip Proof Strap Protector



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It helps to relief from painful bra strap pressure after a long day wearing a tight bra. No more straps digging into your shoulder.
The silicone cushion’s surface under the strap is designed with non-slip microgroove. no issues of slipping or any movement whatsoever. Perfect for most straps. up to 3cm wide strap.
Made of pure silicone. Safe and non-toxic. Lightweight and comfortable. completely forgot they were there.
They will alleviate the pain felt by bra straps that dig into your shoulders and keep your bra straps from falling off.
.Help with bruising from the bra strap. No more straps cutting into your shoulder. Helps bra straps stay on. Remarkable to Prevent slipping bra straps and Indentation marks.
Applicable for: 1-3cm wide bra straps
Materials: Food safe premium silicone
Dimension: 9.3*3*5cm
Color options: skin. black. white
1 Pair* Comfy Silicone Slip Proof Strap Protector

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Black, skin


1 Pair Set, 2 Pairs Set, 5 Pairs Set


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Comfy Silicone Slip Proof Strap Protector