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Having difficulty to cut vegetables and fruits?

This Clever Cutter Kitchen Scissors with Cutting Board is the best cutting solution for veggies. fruits. and meat featuring a revolutionary design and armed with super sharp stainless steel blades.
A2-in-1cutting-edge toolthat is10 times fasterthan any average cutters. It’seasy to use as an ordinary scissorsyet with a sharp razor bladethatcan cut almost any foodin the kitchen.
A magical new invention that lets you use the scissors in the kitchen without all the shame and self-doubt whilechopping and slicing your desired foodssafely. conveniently and without that messy-clean up!

  • 1 DEVICE FOR ALL TYPES OF SLICING:Use the Clever Cutter to slice anything.Asmall compactfood chopper and kitchen scissors. whichreplacea full set of knives and cutting boards. Use these unique kitchen gadgets to replace your food chopper. food scissors. vegetable slicer. and fruit cutter.
  • SHARP AND EFFECTIVE:We useStainless Steelfor the sharp blades. which cuts any productquickly and easily. You’ll be able to cut greens. make creative food decorations for your dishes. slice any product. and much more using our super kitchen tool.

  • Use this knife tocut hard vegetables. fruits. meatstraight into a bowl or cooking pot andavoid the messassociated with traditional cutting and ergonomic design for greater efficiency featuring a scissors-like design with a built-in cutting board and a sharp stainless steel knife. the clever cutter helps you breeze through your cutting and chopping tasks in the kitchen.
  • Featuring asafety latchto keep it closed when not being used. this 2-in-1 kitchen knife and board solution isextremely safe to use.
  • Easy to Clean and Maintainandcan bewashed in the dishwasherorby hand under warm waterright after usage.

Stainless Steel Blade & ABS Handle
Whole Length: 24.5cm
Blade Length: 12cm
Blade Width: 2cm
Chopping Block: 10cm
Handle Length: 12.5cm

1 x2-in-1 Food Chopper

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Clever Cutter – Kitchen Scissors with Cutting Board