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Each essence comes in its own container to keep the extracts as fresh as possible! The separating agent is packaged separately from the rest of the product. Securing a high level of living essence This ensures that each of the beauty kits is of the best possible quality and freshness! With the BlemishFading Mesotherapy Beauty Set. you can get rid of scars and spots on your skin in no time! Easily repair a variety of skin issues. including surgical scars. hyperplastic scars. stretch marks. and more. scars from burns. pock marks. and even acne scars!


  • Developed with a deep penetrating healing solution that softens. smoothest. and removes salt from scars and markings on your skin!
  • Prevents hyperplasia. maintains desalination. and promotes skin regeneration heals and maintains its flawlessness!
  • Highly efficient scar removal essences can help you reclaim your skin’s former glory! Regain your smooth skin. get rid of stretch marks. and get rid of surgery scars!
  • Treats all type of scarfrom surgical scars. hyperplastic scars. stretch marks.
    burn scars. pock marks and even to acne scars!

How to Use

  1. Mix the two extracts together.
  2. Then shake it well until fully mixed.
  3. Apply on any marks or scar.

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1set x BlemishFading Mesotherapy Beauty Set

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BlemishFading Mesotherapy Beauty Set