Anti-Fungal Peeling Organic Foot Soak



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Say no more to body allergy. acne and rashes in just 3 weeks!

Made with all natural. unharmful chemicals that agents your skin for a better looking. Can easily dissolve to assosiate and repair dry scaly patches. callus. itchy. red. cracked. irritated skin.


Week 1:

I’m in my 30s and have been using this allergy bomb soak for about a week. First of all. I have a major skin problem as you can see. I noticed a couple of improvements after 5 days of continuously using this.

Week 2:

This is impressing me so much. Convenient size. no odor. not irritating to the skin. even though it contains strong ingredients of sulphur. zinc and salicylic acid. It is already calming down the allergic dermatitis. One thing I’m loving on this as well is that it gets rid of my cyst acne. Will continue to update for a week again.

Week 3:

Unbelievable results! It is working. No need for patience because it works within 5 to 7 days. No more acne. also say goodbye to cystic acne. My allergies are also gone! For years I’m suffering from itchiness and the ugly look of my skin. I’m so thankful I found this!

Specially formulated with:
-Contains Safflower. Ginger. Wormwood natural ingredients parabens.
-FDA appved and clinically tested skin allergy remedy.


“Each individual bomb smells great and not too strong.this is great to try out new ones for an affordable price! It also clears my wind allergies which I was not expecting so I’m gonna order more! I’ve also incorporated this to my bedtime routine. washing with these before sleeping. I believe it may help relax them a bit as part of going to bed.” – Jacky U.

“Absolutely amazing. Thank you! You gave me a good night’s sleep .
There are no dislikes for this product. Effective moisturiser for my dry and allergies. Rich and comforting. I feel like I am really looking after myself. thank youso mu.” – Finch L.

“I believe this are not just for allergies. In my experience. it helps me remove the stubborn ringworm and even blackheads around my nose. cleanse and minimize my pores. My older dull and dry skin are now glowing thanks to this!” – Pam F.

“I tried to use this soap all over my body and found it very relaxing. he natural ingredients are so gentle on my skin. which is important because I have some skin sensitivity and allergies. And its scent is amazing–I felt like I was in a luxury spa the moment I opened the packaging. If you’re looking for a well-made bar of soap that nurtures your skin and makes your shower time more enjoyable. this is it.” – Raya G.


Dissolves for a Quick Allergy Remedy
Great for all skin types.Helps with athlete’s foot. Candida. ringworm. jock itch. yeast infections. and skin irritations!
Anti-Bacterial & Fungal Treatment
FDA approved as effective homeopathic skin remedies and skin moisturizer healer.
Exfoliates Foot for Odorless & Smoother Look
Easily penetrates through the skin to relieve the tension of allergies and other rashes. making better glowing skin growth.


Skin Compatibility: Skin Type: All Skin Type


10pcs x Anti-Fungal Peeling Organic Foot Soak

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Anti-Fungal Peeling Organic Foot Soak