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Open your heart chakra and find your power and love now!
Enjoy more harmonious relationships with your lover and friends with Amour Charm!
Amour Charm is made with premium natural rose quartz. which promotes better soul and body healing as well as improving your love life and other social relationships by opening up your heart chakra.
Attract and manifest the love and relationships of your dreams now! Amour Charm focuses and channels your energy like a magnet tolove and purity!
Struggles with socializing with strangers? Build better and more meaningful connections with friends and colleagues effortlessly with Amour Charm!
The feminine energy of rose quartz is proven effective to boost neuron activity and balance hormone. The micro-magnetism promotes better metabolism for faster healing!
Spice up your love life in the bedroom! Amour Charm keeps your sexual energy in check and improves your libido!
Join the many successful cases of Amour Charm today and find your love now!
  • Bead Size: Approx. 4mm
  • Bracelet Diameter:18.5cm
  • Weight: 10g
  • Options: Rose Quartz. Amazonite


  • 1* Amour Charm Love Crystal Bracelet

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      Amazonite, Rose Quartz


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