AllureWinged Eye Makeup Sticker (20pairs)



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Reusable eyeliner stickers can make you shine in Halloween. nightclubs. masquerade. carnivals. cosplay. birthday parties. photography. and other occasions. Create your own unique style.


For those of you who love make-up. you don’t need to draw eyeliner after using this. you will have a nice eyeliner on it!

The reusable eyeliner stickers have 8 different colors of eyeliner stickers. and there are more options to satisfy your amazing makeup.
Replace false eyelash glue and liquid eyeliner strips.Solve the problems of drawing the eyeliner and the problems of removing makeup!

Our reusable eyeliner has an eye next to the body. so when you place them in the right place on your eyes. you can easily stick them without worrying about skewing. The high-quality cosmetic ingredients can be completely torn apart and are very comfortable when stuck to the skin without any pain. It is essential that you can easily rinse off with makeup remover. body oils. and alcohol.

The reusable eyeliner stickers are waterproof and durable and can preserve the original shape and color within 3-5 days.

How it works:

1. Start with dry clean skin.
2. You carefully just peel off the sticker
3. Adjust it with the outer corner of your eye
4. Stick it on your eyelid and you’re good to go!

Weight: 12g
Medical non-woven

Package Includes:
20 PairsEye Make up Sticker
Eye Make up glue

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Black, Fluorescent, GOLD, Green, Orange, Purple, Red


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AllureWinged Eye Makeup Sticker (20pairs)