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Is it tough for your skin to recover from your hectic lifestyle or because of age? AgeRewind patches target all regions of the face that are prone to wrinkles. from the dreaded elevens to crows feet and smile lines.

Silicone patches are comfortable to wear while sleeping. Your skin will be more luminous when you wake up.

Yes to more radiant skin with the AgeRewind Lifting Silicone Patch! Contains organic ingredients that help soothe skin and it also has a very nice fragrance.

See fast and immediate results when applying AgeRewind Lifting Silicone Patch. Expect a very smooth and silky skin the next day especially when letting it stay overnight as it is very effective that way!

AgeRewind Lifting Silicone Patches are thinner and transparent. so they blend in with your skin and remain put all night. Just cleanse your face. lay the face wrinkle pads on it. and let it stay overnight.

Made from a medical-grade silicone that has been specifically made for the skin. which is approved by skin experts and scientists.

Doesn’t matter if you’re young or old. as long as you want to remove unwanted lines and wrinkles on your face. the AgeRewind Lifting Silicone Patch is the perfect go to face product!

Ingredients: Lavender extract. licorice. polygonum cuspidatum root. aloe vera. scutellaria baicalensis leaves
Package Inclusion: 5pcs x forehead patch + 5pcs x cheek patch + 5pcs x eye patch
Total of 3 boxes (5pcs each) of silicone patch

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AgeRewind Lifting Silicone Patch