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Advanced pain relief lotion caused by sunburns. scalds. stove burns. and other minor burns.
A refreshing lotion that softens. smoothens for healthier-looking skin.It significantly improves scar texture. color and overall appearance!
SoothesNasty Pain
It contains antibacterial properties to help you solve your worries and unpleasant painfor different types of burns and scars.
Restores Your Skin
Deeply fixes your skin and helps diminish the appearance and texture of burns and scars from injury. Moisturizes to help support healthy new skin growth.
Easy to Apply
Just clean the affected area before applying. Apply a small a mount to affected area 3 times daily for adults and children over 2 years of age. Recommended to consult a doctor for children below 2 years old.
Natural Ingredients
Non-greasy and fast absorbing lotion that is developed with no added chemicals. It contains herbal essencesuch as comfrey. phellodendron. rhubarb. honeysuckle and more.
Net content: 30ml/bottle
Storage: Store in a cool and dry place
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AfterBurn Treatment Cool Scarless Lotion