500ml Sand Fixing Agent Wall Protection Spray


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With just one spray, the walls no longer fall off with moisture.

Easily solve the wall sand, bulge, efflorescence, cracking, ground repair, and other problems.

Main Features

✦ Efficient Wall Protection

Good permeability can go deep into the wall/ground inside, isolate moisture, keep the wall dry, and prolong the service life of the wall base. It delivers a hardened, wear-resistant, and lasting smooth wall surface.

✦ Prevent Future Cracking

It can increase the adhesion between the wall base and putty layer, effectively preventing wall aging, cracking, sand, de-powder, efflorescence, bulging, and other problems.

✦ Strong Coagulability

It can quickly penetrate into the void of the basal surface, closely combine the loose particles, and form a dense and integrated basal surface. Increase hardness and strength, waterproof, abrasion resistance, and scratch resistance.

✦ Safe and Non-toxic

Using water-based molecular permeable polymeric emulsion and additives materials, non-toxic, odorless, and safe for children and pets.

✦ Widely Used

High and low-temperature resistance, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, such as wall, ground, cement wall, brick wall, roof, kitchen, bathroom, balcony, basement, etc.

Easy to Use

Direct spraying, women can also easily use it.

Construction area: 1kg can spray about 3-5 square meters. If the area of your home that needs to be repaired is too large, please buy 2pcs or more to avoid shortage.


Net Content: 500ml

Shelf Life: 18 Months

Package Includes: 1x Sand Fixing Agent Spray

Precautions for Use:

  1. Water-based formula, the construction environment is no less than 5℃, humidity is not more than 85%.

  2. Keep the wall/ground dry and clean before use.

  3. The drier the wall/ground, the stronger the permeability and the better the curing.

  4. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water. Keep it in a cool and dry place, away from children.

Warm Tips

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500ml Sand Fixing Agent Wall Protection Spray 1
500ml Sand Fixing Agent Wall Protection Spray