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    You can be a master baker!

    Our5 Essential Baking Tools Set consists of all must-have pastryutensils every baking professionals need. includingCake Slicing Fixator. Adjustable Cake Scraper. ArtisticPastry Nozzles Set. Easy Rose Cutter and Dragee Pearl Applicator.

    Fromevenslicingof multi-layered cakes.scraping cakes with smooth edgestoelegantly decorating pastrieswith a variety of designs. you cancreateone-and-only. masterpiece-alike cakesand pastries with an ease even if you are an amateur home chef.


    • Cake Slicing Fixator:

      With the 5-layer design. you can easily adjust the knife to get every perfect slice according to your desired thickness. slicing pastries easily and evenly in seconds. creating multi-layered cakes like a breeze.

    • Adjustable Cake Scraper:
      Ideal for buttercream. fresh cream. fondant. sugar paste. marzipan. and other firm frosting ingredients. Simply adjust the height of the spatula tofit your cake’s size andto evenly smooth the frosting for a flawless look.

    • ArtisticPastry Nozzles Set:
      Features 8 styles of nozzles todesign your own flower petals and leaf. with your creativity to makebeautiful and unique designs easily. The seamlessly integrated design makes ornamental engraving morevivid.

    • Easy Rose Cutter:
      Features 3 sizes ofcutters. thequickest and easiest way to elegantly decorate your pastries withbeautiful sugar buds and roses with simple technique.

    • Dragee Pearl Applicator:
      Allows you to rapidly place sugar pearls. which speeds up the process dramatically. improving accuracy and minimizing marks in the icing. No more messy fingers or dropping the little balls all over the floor. adding exquisite final touch with no mess and hassle.

    • Ultimate Baking Set:
      From even slicing of multi-layered cakes. scraping cakes with smooth edges to elegantly decorating pastries with a variety of designs. everyonecan create your one-and-only. masterpiece-alike pastries like a pro!


    • 2pcs xCake Slicing Fixator
    • 1pc xAdjustable Cake Scraper
    • 8pcs xArtistic Pastry Nozzles
    • 3pcs xEasy Rose Cutter
    • 1pc xDragee Pearl Applicator

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    Adjustable Cake Scraper, ArtisticPastry Nozzles Set (8pcs), Cake Slicing Fixator (2pcs), Dragee Pearl Applicator, Easy Rose Cutter (3pcs), Ultimate Baking Set (15pcs)


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    5 Essential Baking Tools Set