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5 HOURS LATER:I wear size 8 and these work in my shoes. Unfortunately. I bought shoes as they are perfect for my style. however. while working I often feel some pain and blister/cracks on the heel while wearing them. I am in dismay so I bought these pads as I want to wear it regularly but comfortably. given the fact that I do still want these heels as my footwear. Glad I bought these as they are cushiony and really help with pain in the back of my foot when walking I’ll give this a try for a whole day but as of my 5 hours of use of this I can say they are perfect!

I believe these shoe cushions are for people with heel discomfort like mine. The design is made of a sponge that absorbs the pain of wearing high heels. as of my 12 hours using this pad. the type of this product is self-adhesive. designed for loose shoes that I regularly wear. so it sticks right in and gives a comfort unlike my other working days without it. The material is soft. durable. and surely comfortable. Can’t wait to clock out and give me a treat this night while using these shoes and pads!”

These definitely provide a lot of relief and make the heels more comfortable to wear. I’m very satisfied and thankful that these pairs of shoes will not be junk anymore lol! The attached adhesion piece is very stable. the design is made of a sponge that absorbs the pain of wearing high heels or any of my shoes from flat to boots. The best pair of cushions I bought. thank you so much!

How does 4D Anti-Friction Cushioning Pads work?The materials made for these pads are made of Premium Quality. durable and very soft Eco-friendly Washable medical-grade material. These cushions provide excellent cushioning and foot pain relief and have plenty of air holes for additional ventilation. which help reduce feet swelling. pain. and discomfort during the working day. These pad cushions are a great and useful toolfor restoring optimal foot health. but they workeven betterfor rehabilitating yourfeet and addressing or preventing common foot problems when you use them in combination with other natural footgear.

Blisters. calluses. and corns are all caused by a combination of pressure and stress on the skin. Foot pads and cushions reduce the amount of pressure and friction on the area of the foot where they are worn or placed. For example. women who wear high-heeled shoes often have a lot of pressure and pain on the ball of the foot. Metatarsal foot cushions provide a comfortable surface and extra support for this part of the foot. reducing aches and pains. If there is a part of your foot that experiences too much friction. little foot pads protect your foot from the rubbing.


“I had a pair of heels that was just a little to big for me this helped a ton and gave me the arch support needed to wear them all day!” Karmie R.

“Right from the start. the sticker tabs are super adhesive! I wear it for a day with just comfort and no pain. Thanks!” – Holly W.

“I love these insoles. I use them in my flats and they work perfect. You can also trim them that’s why they are perfect.” – Penelope T.

“With my narrow foot. I have trouble finding shoes — and when I do. it is usually from a catalogue. Finding shoes with a last that fits my foot is hard. but these insoles have been a help. They help me feel no pain on heels or flats anymore!” – Jen T.

“I bought these for my heels and painful foot. I have weird feet. These worked great for making my shoes fit. They have a great thickness & are very comfortable. The perfect amount of cushion forany of my shoes. ” – Gaylie E.


Effectively Reduces Foot Pain
Made to provide foot protection. reduces friction and shock absorption.
All Day Comfortable Foot Pad

Made of high-quality and durable soft material. safe to your foot and body that can make a comfortable and high support for a whole day activities!
Fits Multiple Shoe Types
Ideal and comfortable enough to wear on high heels. boots. doll shoes. sandals. stiletto. and so on.


Color: Black. Beige. Pink
Sizes: Free size


1 Pair x 4D Anti-Friction Cushioning Pads

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BEIGE, Black, Pink


1 Pair – $14.97, 3 Pairs 60% OFF $19.97, 6 Pairs 70% OFF $24.97


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4D Anti-Friction Cushioning Pads