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Suck Your Phone anytime anywhere!

Holding your phone while driving is not safe and may give you a fine when caught. Avoid the hassle with the 360 Rotatable Magic Holder

The 360 Rotatable Magic Holderis designed with 5 premium suction cups each end to support the mobile while attached to your dashboard. The suction cups are connected by a durable and flexible metal hose giving you ease in changing angles or directions. With this holder. you can free your hands anywhere & anytime!


  • Powerful Double-Sided Suction:
    Design with 5 small suction cups. strong sticky gel suction easily adheres to windshield or most surfaces.
  • 360° Rotation:
    Suctions are connected by a flexible metal hose that gives flexibility to use your phone in any angle or direction.

  • Anytime & Anywhere:
    Can be used in the dashboard. glass. tile. wood. and plastic surface.
  • Easy to Use & Remove:
    Just attach to the phone. slightly press and it will stick firmly.
  • Traceless & Reusable:
    It leaves no trace. residue or any damage to the surface of your device.
  • Universal Compatibility:
    Perfect for all kinds of mobile devices or other flat objects that need support.
  • Stable & Secure:
    Frees your hand if you are using it as GPS or if you are calling someone.


  • Material: ABS. Silicone. Metal
  • Weight: 35g
  • Size: 7.5cm x 5.5cm

  • Color: Silver. Gold. Pink


  • 1 x 360 Rotatable Magic Holder

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360 Rotatable Magic Holder